Reliaderm is a potent non systemic adjuvant in the treatment of chronic pain. It has been of great help to many of my patients.  
G. Echezona, MD Pain Management Physician, Norwalk CT
Reliaderm works for my patient’s foot pain. They keep coming back for more.  
S.Chowdhury, DPM Podiatric Physician, White Plains, NY
I suffer from degenerate disc disease. I have had 3 major operations in the past several years. While at first I had relief from said operations, over time the pain came back. I have taken and still am taking pain medicines to help me through the day. Then, I discovered Reliaderm... Since I have started using this roll on cream, my pain in my neck and back has noticeably decreased. I try to use it at least 3 times a day for maximum relief. Since I started using the cream, I have been able to decrease my pain medication significantly. It's so easy to use, I tuck in my purse for relief on the go. I am so glad I have found this wonderful product.
N. Sweeney Laurel, NY
The Reliaderm worked amazingly for me. I have a herniated disc L5, bulging discs in my L4, L3. I roll the Reliaderm into it, and then also over my hips where the pain continues. As a result of the herniated disc, I have sciatica pain that runs right down into my foot! I put the Reliaderm over my knee because the sciatic nerve passes over it, and also all over the side of my ankle and foot. I was very happy and amazed how the pain started to subside right away, it seems to numb the pain! It helped the pain and swelling in my lower back and foot so much. I could actually get through the day much more comfortable then is normal for me, It was very noticeable. I actually forgot about the pain, the intensity of the pressure in my lower back subsided, and the nerve in my swollen feet quieted down quite a bit! I have never had this much relief in my body, where I could really enjoy the day! This product is amazing and really works! I have had many epidural injections that helped my back, but I still continued to have these problems with the achiness in my hips, and the sciatica still effecting my back and feet. The Reliaderm is like an epidural injection in my foot, It worked that well! Thank you so much for this wonderful product, a blessing in disguise.
C. Bowden New York, NY